Tymfi Endurance Race


From this summer, added a new race to the palette ZMR, which will take place on August 31, a fight difficult, very technical that targets athletes with extensive experience racing mountain.

His name is dedicated to the unique mountain Timfi, which in diversity is one of the top mountain destinations in Greece! Let’s not forget that both the Vikos Gorge and the Gorge Aoos are the physical limits of Tymfi are areas protected for their ecological importance!

The new race, the TERA, will have a circular route, starting and ending Tsepélovon village on the eastern slopes of the mountain and the spreads will reaches 80 km, while the total positive altitude is above 5000 meters. The route will be running the perimeter of Tymfi and in its wake will approximate landscapes of outstanding natural beauty, other known (Drakolimni, Vikos Gorge) and other unknown but legendary (Avalon, Siadi fly, Ntavalista) as well as residential areas (Konitsa Papiggo, Monodendri Vitsa Dilofo, Gardens, Tsepélovon).

This struggle because of the great difficulty of objectively will have strict criteria for participation. It is characteristic that the timeout termination will be 22 hours!

Registration for the race has begun and more information will be posted on the website of ZMR at www.zagorirace.com while for any clarification you can contact Basil Tzoumaka and Hercules Moisidou to email t5element@yahoo.gr

The Organizing Committee of the ZMR